Physical Therapist Salary: A Guide To Pay Ranges For PT’s

The salary of a physical therapist (PT) is variable, depending on various factors, such as education, location, experience and skill sets. So, how much actually does a physical therapist make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pt salary for physical therapist and sports therapist in the United States is $86,520 per year, which is 103% higher than the average salary of Americans. The median pay for a physical therapist is $41.59 per hour, $1,663 per week and $7,210 per month. There is variance within the different disciplines such as a dedicated sports physical therapist.

Here is the average PT salary vs the average income nationally:

 Hourly wageWeekly wageMonthly salaryAnnual income
Physical therapist$41.59$1,663$7,210$86,520
National income$20.45$818$3,545$42,540

Starting your career

Due to the vast amount of information that’s available on the Internet today, people can find out virtually anything that they want and need to know about a career that they are interested in pursuing. From finding out how many jobs are projected for a specific year to obtaining a description of the job duties that a profession performs, the information that people find can be invaluable. Therefore, if an individual is interested in knowing facts about the physical therapists and what they do, they can look online to complete their research before they make their decision to obtain a degree in the field.

To start, most people are interested in knowing more about what they do, how many hours that they work, what types of patients that they see, what kind of environments that they can be seen in and a host of other things that can assist them with making an informed decision. With this being said, here are some of the highlights about some recent career events and the associated salary information.

Salary range: certified & senior pay ranges

A certified PT can earn at least $60,600 a year, which means $29.13 per hour and $5,050 per month. A senior can make an average of $120,000 a year depending on location, experience, etc.physical therapist salary according to experience

Starting salary: what you can expect on entry

Starting salary for physical therapists on average is $57,220 per annum hitting a maximum of around $105,900 per year.. A PT assistant can expect to start on a salary of around $34,735 moving to a maximum of $66,460 annually.

In some cases, an individual may not know where they will be located when they complete their studies. However, they may still want to know how much they will earn if pursue this career. For those that fall in this situation, there is information that can give them an approximate amount earned based on average amount earned annually. For instance, the average starting annual salary for a physical therapist is $ $57,220 (full-time) or $34,735 (Part-time). The individual can also narrow down a more specific amount if they want to work in one of the top paying states like Nevada. In these cases, people can earn as much 33% more for working in this area.

Top paying states: what regions have highest salaries

average pt salaryThe Silver State Nevada is the best-paying state for physical therapists. The average physical therapist salary in Nevada reaches up to $115,670 per year, which is approximately 33% higher than the mean PTs pay. Check out the remuneration level in your state, by clicking here.


StateHourly rateWeekly payMonthly incomeAnnual earnings
New Jersey$45.59$1,824$7,903$94,830

Metropolitan Area

fully licensed physical therapist salaryFor metropolitan area, Las Vegas is the highest paying city. Other choices are Fairbanks (Alaska), Jacksonville (Florida), Roanoke (Virginia) and McAllen-Edinburg-Mission (


Area nameHourly payWeekly incomeMonthly salaryYearly earnings
Las Vegas-Paradise NV$58.60$2,344$10,157$121,880
Fairbanks AK$54.87$2,195$9,510$114,120
Jacksonville FL$53.63$2,145$9,295$111,540
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission TX$53.38$2,135$9,253$111,030
Roanoke VA$53.21$2,128$9,223$110,680

Nonmetropolitan Area

For non-metropolitan areas, working in Upper Eastern Shore, Maryland or Northwest Iowa can bring you income as high as  $118,000 per annum.

Area namehourly incomeweekly salarymonthly wageyearly income
Upper Eastern Shore Maryland$57.65$2,306$9,993$119,920
Northwest Iowa$56.84$2,274$9,853$118,230
Other Nevada$55.50$2,220$9,620$115,440
Lower Savannah South Carolina$54.62$2,185$9,467$113,600
Sussex County Delaware$51.54$2,062$8,933$107,200

Highest paying industries: areas of vocation likely to pay more

Home health care services is the best paying industry, as the table below illustrates. Remuneration can reach $95,440 a year ($45.88 per hour).

IndustryHourly rateWeekly payMonthly incomeAnnual pay
Home Health Care Services$45.88$1,835$7,953$95,440
Management Scientific and Technical Consulting Services$44.31$1,773$7,681$92,170
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services$44.26$1,771$7,673$92,070
Administrative and Support Services$44.26$1,771$7,673$92,070
Employment Services$44.25$1,770$7,669$92,030

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Currency: US Dollars (USD)

Are all physical therapists Doctors?

Previously, if an individual asked if they were doctors, the answer would be yes, but not as it applied to being a medical physician. Today, however, it’s not uncommon for careers to change the way they are looked upon from time to time. In fact, because of added responsibilities, professionals like the Physical Therapists will even evolve overtime with new accreditation and licensing requirements. Therefore, for those of you who want to keep up with the most recent changes in Physical Therapy, you may be interested in knowing that this professional is now, as of 2015, a part of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

This program has been designed to prepare students for their eligibility requirements. In specific, for their physical therapy license examination that is given in all fifty states. After completing the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, the individualmay also continue their training in both residency and fellowship. With the implementation of these new standards, the year 2020 is marked as the year that physical therapists will be recognized as doctors of physical therapy.

How much can I expect to make each year?

Before an individual decides on any type of career, one of the first things that they may want to know is how much people in their industry earns on an annual basis. Fortunately, there is quite a bit of creditable information online that can help to answer these and other related questions. One of the most notable, however, is the Bureau of Labor and Statistics since this government agency supplies job descriptions, the outlook for the future and the present amount earned in locations all over the United States.

Many factors to consider

To that end, to respond to the question, how much does a physical therapist makes each year? It is important to note that the answer can vary significantly based on numerous factors including the geographical location in which people work, the industry that employs them (i.e. home health care services, employment services, administrative and support services, Management and Technical Consulting Services and the like.

Therefore, if an individual is interested in the potential salary that they can make, they will need to consider these specifications closely in order to get the most accurate salary information. For instance, if an individual has been hired to work in Jacksonville, Florida, their annual salary will be $115,440 or if they choose to work in Roanoke, Virginia, their salary will be $110,680.

Types of Physical Therapists

Another important consideration that an individual must be aware of when researching this profession is the types of physical therapists that one has to choose from. Even though many people may not know it, there are sports physical therapists, occupational therapists, assistant physical therapists,
Geriatric PT,Pediatric PT,Neurological PT and so forth. Each type has specific responsibilities to the patients that they treat. So, it is also important for people who are looking to see how much physical therapist make an hour or the top paid physical therapists salary of physical therapist in us states to consider these factors before they complete their research.

Industry evolving creating new careers

In recent years, the outlook for some careers are much brighter than others. One of which is the physical therapists. Because this industry has been evolving significantly over time and the role that they are playing is integral in patients receiving the treatment that they need, this is a great time to enter into this type of medical career. In fact, people in these professions will be known as doctors of physical therapists as early as 2020. Therefore, people who are interested in pursuing this kind of career will have many opportunities available to work in a wide variety of environments and settings including home health care services, employment services, as well as others.

Flexibility on location key to high earnings

Further, if the salary that an individual earns is a deciding factor, there are numerous things that they should know. For instance, the highest paying states for physical therapists can be found online so people can pick and choose the locations in which they really want to work. The ranges for these salaries will also vary greatly because there several factors that determine the actual annual pay, hourly rate or how much is made by month.

To calculate this pay correctly, the person will need to know where the physical therapy job is located, what environment that they will work in (health care services vs employment services) and the specific job title.